Worth2Deal Kerala Homemade Non Spicy Tapioca Chips, Kappa Chips – 500gm


FRESH AND HEALTHY  – This traditional tea time snack are made from homegrown organic tapioca which are available only in Kerala. It’s crunchy and crispy texture makes it a never miss everyday snack with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

HYGIENIC PREPARATION – Our products have been prepared in a hygienic environment maintaining the highest standards of safety from sourcing the tapioca, oil, salt etc to hygiene of the staff. Since our products are made for export purpose to the Middle East, strict quality checking is maintained at each level.

MINIMAL HUMAN TOUCH – Most of the work is carried out by automated machines for minimal human touch at each and every step of preparation so that you can crave our products without any worries.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONSKeep it in an airtight container to retain the freshness, crispiness and for longer use.

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Tapioca chips also known as Kappa chips is an integral part of Kerala special snacks. We use the best homegrown organic tapioca for the preparation of this dish. Cleaned tapioca pieces are finely sliced and it’s then deep fried in fresh oil to form Kappa chips. Automated machines are used for cutting the raw tapiocas. Ro filtered water is used for washing the tapioca. We follow export quality preparation where the products are packed from the factory itself without losing the freshness. We never use the same oil for frying over and over again considering this practice as extremely unsafe and leading to serious health problems.

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