Worth2Deal Organic Chemical Free Marayoor Jaggery From Kerala 500g


PREPARED IN FARMS – Marayoor cane jaggery from Kerala is traditionally prepared in the very farms itself where it is locally grown by the tribal community living in Marayoor, Idukki. The home-made brown colored Marayoor jaggery is one of the few products of India that have certified GI tags. Jaggery made from these sugarcanes is known as Marayoor Jaggery. Being 100% natural, it is known for its therapeutic as well as nutritional health benefits.

BEST FOR DIABETIC PATIENTS – Foods with a higher level of Glycemic index are responsible for serious diabetic conditions. Hence, doctors advise taking food that is low in Glycemic index if you have any type of diabetes. The Glycemic Index of Marayoor jaggery is very low when compared to other sweeteners. So it can prove very beneficial for the patients who are suffering from any diabetic conditions.

REDUCES BLOOD PRESSURE – Marayoor sarkara is highly rich in iron content. This property of Marayoor Jaggery helps in fighting high blood pressure and oxidative stress.

OTHER HEALTH BENEFITSMarayoor sharkkara boosts digestive enzymes in the system and helps in easy digestion of the food. It is consumed with the juice of basil leaves to treat cold and cough-like symptoms in the body. Regular consumption of jaggery cleanses the blood by removing any toxins and improves your immune system. It is rich in numerous antioxidants like zinc and selenium that can help fight free-radicals, responsible for early ageing in humans. Best for toddlers to mix with baby food.

FREE OF CHEMICALS – Organic Marayoor jagerry is free of any harmful additives, artificial flavors, synthetic colors, preservatives and cleaning agents. No slaked Lime and Other chemicals used like other jaggeries available in the market. This natural Sweetener rich in iron, minerals & antioxidants does not require any filtration and can be directly added to tea, coffee and juices. Make sure to keep it in an airtight jar or container for better shelf life and to avoid melting.


Marayoor Jaggery is one of the sweetest jaggerees in the world. Marayoor and the nearby Kanthalloor are famous for the special variety of solid molasses ‘marayoor sarkara’ produced here. When this jaggery undergoes a laboratory analysis it was found that the jaggery is one of the best having 97 % sugar in it. Marayoor falls in the rain shadow region of the molasses is attributed to the specialty in temperature and the pH value of the earth. In Marayoor and Kanthalloor you can see the beautiful sugar cane farms. Another speciality of this sarkara is that it is made in the farm itself in a traditional manner, means sarkkara production is a cottage industry here. First the sugar cane juice is boiled in a special type of huge vessel and then condenses to jaggery balls. you can make various types of delicious dishes using this jaggery. One of the best dishes using this ‘sarkara’ is ‘marayoor sarkara payasam’.Some of the famous temples are using this jaggery nb: size may not be as seen in picture, as the mould may use for preparation, but weight will be exact.


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