Worth2Deal Kerala Special Banana Chips Coconut Oil Fried 1000 Grams


  • Hygienically Prepared 

  • Automated Machines Used For Cutting and Washing Of Raw Bananas

  • Export Quality Preparation 

  • Packed From the Factory itself without Losing the Freshness

  • Coconut Oil From Our Own Oil Mill 

  • Free Shipping all over India

The most fresh and authentic Banana Chips from Kerala.Worth2Deal Use the best handpicked locally grown bananas. 

For any enquiries Please Contact 7907168550


Worth2Deal Kerala Special Banana Chips is prepared with  export quality  standards in a Hygienic environment with automated machines so minimal human touch is involved Our products have been made using the highest standards of safety.from sourcing the flour , oil etc to hygiene of the staff,and we never use re-use oil for frying,since our products are made for export purpose to middle east,strict quality checking are maintained at each level,most of the works are done by automated machines ,

“You are what you eat” is the motto that we believe in when we try to reach out to all our clients. Healthy eating is our sales pitch – and when you feel good inside, we take that as our return on investment. Take a break, have a dig and revel in our dishes galore! Happy eating to all our customers. Note: We value your feedback – do spare a moment to pass it on. It helps us serve you better Kind regards The Worth2Deal team

For enquiries please call 7907168550 

For any enquiries Please Contact 7907168550


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