Kerala Special Yaru Manga Achar Dry Mango Pickle 200 Grams


  • Prepared By Namboodiri People Of Kerala 

  • No Preservatives ,No Vinegar Used

  • Ingredients: Dried Mango pulp, Cumin seed powder, Red Chilly powder, Coriander seed powder, Rock Salt & mixed spices.

  • 100% Hand made ,mouth-watering flavor & Aroma,Authentic Indian Taste

  • Best enjoyed with Meals ,Porridge,Curd Rice, Thepla, Paratha, Dal Khichdi etc

      Any Queries ,Please Contact 7907168550


Worth2Deal Kerala Special Namboodiri’s Prepared Dried Mango Pickle (yeru maanga) 200g – Home Made ,No Preservatives Added home made pickle , mango pickle kerala pickle Tikhi Kairi, Masala Kairi , chatpati Kairi ,Dry Pickle (Spicy Mango)


(tender mango pickle avakkai pickle avakkaya pickle manga achar achaar  avakai special achar avakaya )



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