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Organic Palm Jaggery

Do many people ask what the best alternative for sugar is for diabetes patients? For a lifetime, the people have been practiced with the sugar sweetener in the food, and it is really hard for anyone to stop them immediately. On any day, Organic Palm Jaggery is the right alternative recommended for the person with diabetes. Not just for diabetics, even you can try using them regularly and find how they are making a difference to your day to day life.

Palm Sugar in India

Palm jaggery may seem like a new alternate for today’s world. But they have been used regularly in our past. Our ancestors and even ayurvedic scriptures included Palm jaggery as one of the vital components to be taken along with our daily food. You can ask your grandparents or people who live near your ancestral place. This has been an eternal favorite food for them, especially during the winters. The moment winter shows up, the palm jaggery hunting begins everywhere in India, especially in southern regions. Without knowing our elders has been consuming the jaggery for life and enjoyed the medical benefits.

For years together now, Palm jaggery and sugar has been a staple sweetener in South-Asian countries

Why should you choose Palm Jaggery?

Organic Palm Jaggery is extracted from the palm trees that are at least 20 years of age. That’s when they start to blossom. During this time, they yield a sweet sap, which is used for extracting the jaggery. Especially they are highly rich in Vitamin B12.

It is cruel to make a person deprive of sweet joys. It will increase the temptation in them more and more. Instead, you can look for the alternative like Palm jaggery that is suitable for the diabetic patients and at the same time, offer multiple benefits.

Here is some of the important reason why choosing Palm Jaggery is good for health

  1. They are thermogenic:

 For diabetics, the body consumes a lot of energy in digesting the food. This is precisely why they tend to be tired and sloppy. By using the Palm, Jaggery, one can quickly reduce the fat. They tend to burn the fat. As the fat reduces the insulin is easily flooded in the bloodstream.

  1. Preferred for all ages

Organic palm sugar is recommended for all ages. You can also have them regularly despite you are diabetic are not. You can see that there is a significant improvement in metabolism and reduces the fat level ultimately.

  1. Blends well

Similar to the refined sugar, even Palm sugars can be blended well with almost any food. Whether its pudding, porridges, pastries, you will not be able to identify the difference.

 Connection between Palm Jaggery and Diabetes

Diabetes causes high sweet craving. In your food, coffee, tea, and more, you can add Palm jaggery, which is low on the Glycemic Index (GI) compared to the refined white sugar. Also, they reduce fat and can control the craving. Since organic palm jaggery is not treated under any chemical,itis highly recommended for the nutrients. This jaggery is a derivative of palm sap, which has the power to heal you naturally and do not have any side effects.

Are you having sugar cravings? Thinking for artificial sweeteners? Then! Stop right there. Choose Organic Palm jaggery instead. But remember!Don’t have them too much. Too much of anything is still toxic. But we are sure you can see a significant difference in the cycle, and importantly, you are going to love the taste. Not sure where to buy?

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