Kerala Special Organic Raw Kannan Kaya Kunnan Kaya Dry Raw Banana Slices Babies 250 Grams

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  • Hygienically Prepared

  • Prepared with Specially Chosen Kannan Kaya  



Worth2Deal Kunnankaya (Kannan Kaya) is a traditional and nutritious food for babies who are 3 months old and above ,it can be used as a nutritional as it supports healthy growth and easy digestion for babies ,We have been focusing on providing highly nutritious baby food prepared from the best quality plantains chosen from  our  our exclusive cultivation of Kunnankaya (Kannankaya) by our farmers ,The handpicked plantains are peeled ,sliced finely and later processed to get the finest product


Nutrients                                                                          Approx.Composition per 100g
 Energy                                                                                                   383.60 Kcal
Carbohydrate                                                                                        89.61g
Dietary Fiber                                                                                        12.70g
Protein                                                                                                  03.68g
Fat                                                                                                         01.16g
Cholesterol                                                                                            00.00g
Crude Fiber                                                                                           01.62g
Iron                                                                                                        08.29mg
Calcium                                                                                                 35.00mg
Sodium                                                                                                   03.80mg
Prepare Worth2Deal Kannan kaya in a few steps
1 Wash your hands, Use Clean Utensils
2 Grind dried Kannan Kaya chips until powder in Mixer
3 Boil Drinking Water/Milk for 5 Minutes and leave it till Lukewarm
4 Add 3 spoons of Worth2Deal Kannankaya powder
5 Stir Continuously unil pap is smooth

Benefits of Kunnan Kaya

  • It helps in building immunity in babies,It is power-packed with potassium and other vital nutrients,It is easy to digest and may not cause a cough and cold like normal bananas, It helps in the development of the healthy brain in babies.

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1 review for Kerala Special Organic Raw Kannan Kaya Kunnan Kaya Dry Raw Banana Slices Babies 250 Grams

  1. Taniya Vincent

    I have been using the banana powder for over a year for my toddler and he loves it. This tastes exactly like the homemade one. I prefer Worth2deal products as they are hygienic and baby friendly. We are happy that we no longer have to make the banana power at home.

    • worth2deal

      Dear Ma’am,Thank you so much for your feedback

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