Kerala Special Pathimugam Sappan Wood 250 Grams


HYGIENIC PREPARATION – Every single piece of locally grown Pathimugam is handpicked with utmost hygiene to ensure superior quality and is specially packed to retain its aroma and texture that adds special benefits to your health.

AUTHENTIC – Worth2Deal Pathimugam is free from any harmful chemicals and helps in eliminating toxins and congestion from body and mind thereby reducing heat or acid in the stomach.

HERBAL DRINK – Water boiled with Pathimukam is known for its rich diuretic, thirst quenching, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties. People make use of this water for the treatment of cough, jaundice, respiratory problems etc.

CONTROL EXCESS THIRST – Pathimugam or Indian red wood soaked in water is a popular thirst quencher in Kerala. You can take 1/4 cup of the dried herb or mix of herbs making the infusion with 2-3 cups of boiling water.

BEST FOR SUGAR PATIENTS – Pathimugam has got blood purifying qualities and is considered to be a good drink for diabetic patients. The healing water that turns light pink in color is also used as a cure for kidney disorders, skin diseases, cholesterol and blood purification.


Pathimugam Ayurvedic Water is a warm drinking water, slightly pinkish in color, used by many people in South India. This herbal drink is served in many restaurants and homes just before eating. It is made with a hard part of the wood of a multipurpose tree that is widely used for various medicinal purposes. Pathimugam or Pathimukham has been widely used since ancient days and is an excellent herbal medicine. , If “Pathimugam” is boiled in water, the water gets purified, This material is used as an ingredient in almost all Ayurvedic medicines. This way the people in South India are trying to make their living hygienic with the use of natural herbals and ayurvedic trees available in that region.

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Weight 250 kg


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